26 February 2014

Free Malagasy Language Resources

I can't believe it's been nearly a year since I have posted here. After months of digestive illness since returning from Mada last summer, I decided to take the winter break off, so while I think about Mada daily (you all know they have a new government. Right?), I haven't been actively involved.

I just wanted to let you all know about an incredible resource from RPCV Ray Blakney (Mexico 2006-2008). He has been collecting tons of language resources from Peace Corps volunteers around the world as part of his 3rd goal vision (3rd goal of Peace Corps: To inform Americans about the lives of those in other countries). Check out: http://www.livelingua.com/peace-corps-language-courses.php

Here is what he has to say about it:
I am working on a 3rd goal project with the PC regional offices and the main office in DC to try to create an online archive to keep the language training material made all over the world from getting lost. I have created a sub-section on the website my wife and I run...with all the information I have been able to get to date (from over the web and sent to me directly by PC staff and PCV's). I currently have close to 100 languages with ebooks, audios and even some videos.
There is actually over a hundred languages now. While it is somewhat buried in his pay service site (to which I have no opinion nor first hand knowledge of), this is a trove of language material open to the public. If any of you know somebody traveling abroad or soon to be a volunteer and they want to learn a more obscure language than you can find in the bookstore or on Rosetta Stone, send them to this site.

They could definitely use more Malagasy resources if any of you PCVs or RPCVs have scanned material.

P.S. Because you cannot talk about online Malagasy without mentioning another site. I hope you all already know about the Malagasy World Dictionary because it is an incredible resource as well.