07 January 2008

Getting ready to depart

So I think that I have everything that I need for my journey across the world. I'm a pretty simple person so I shan't need to bring a lot of creature comforts like granola bars and my blankie and things like that. I am lucky enough to have a camera so I will hopefully be displaying photos for all of you in the near future.

February 17: fly to D.C. for three days of paperwork and shots.
February 20 - April 22?: live in Antananarivo for two months with a family learning Malagasy language and the culture and technical knowledge for my job. If they think I'll suffice, then I get to be sworn in as a tried and true PC Volunteer.
April 2008 - April 2010: serve as a PeaceCorps volunteer somewhere on the island doing something related to their protected wildlife areas.

Check out the the video at the bottom of the page to get an idea of what some of the environmental issues on the island are. I will post links soon so all of you can get more info about the 4th largest and 1st oldest island in the world.