24 January 2008

Useful links for getting to know Madagascar

So here are links to some sites that share a good deal of info to get you started learning about Madagascar.

The place to start, if you like the bland facts laid out in an indigestible manner, is the CIA factbook. They really do have some startling facts about pop. growth rate and literacy levels and the like. Did you know that one natural disaster that Madagascar is prone to is locust infestations? If you read the factbook you would.

One area of conspicuous absence in the world factbook is the natural history. This is weird considering that Madagascar has one of the most unique biological regimes, with over 150,000 species found nowhere else on the planet. Try going to PBS's Madagascar - A World Apart, or Conservation International's Biodiversity Hotspot - Madagascar. These are good starting points and the related links sections on both pages are gateways to a plethora of info on Madagascar's biological world.

Another really good site, with tons of info and beautiful pictures of flora, fauna and people is WildMadagascar.

A few other sites to check out:

Madagascar Embassy

Lonely Planet Madagascar

Cortez Travel and Expeditions

That should be more than enough for the most curious of you. Let me know if you find anything else that might be good for me to share or read.